Systematic solutions

Consulting and general design

During its 60-year development, CISDI has grown into an incomparable provider of total solutions to the metals industry, embracing the full range of engineering disciplines. CISDI has served the entire iron and steel industry, covering consulting, design, construction, project management, production and operation management, and acted as an expert in R&D and application of core technology and equipment. CISDI's enduring pursuit is to boost competitiveness and create sustainable value for clients.


Strategy consulting:strategic consulting for the market and product, consulting for industrial strategic plan

Engineering consulting:financing feasibility study, financial assessment, risk analysis, project management consulting

General design:master plan, general design and management, general layout design

Operations consulting:systematic evaluation, diagnosis, analysis and optimisation on the full process of steel industry

Putting client first:

Providing tailor-made farsighted and practical mid- and long-term development plans on market and strategy

Providing feasibility study reports in line with international practices that meet the evaluation standards of international large financial institutions

Providing cost-effective and competitive designs for Greenfield and Brownfield projects

Providing realistic systematic solutions to enhance quality and efficiency while reducing OPEX

Systematic optimisation services for steel enterprise

CISDI thinks better of emphasizing both equipment and process flow for building a steelworks. In pursuit of saving operation cost consistently, we take a holistic view on an all-round production optimisation from the entire process flow to the individual process interfaces, energy's cascade utilization and environmental protection. Applying the flow clustering concept into practice, we analyse the steelworks' mass flow, Fe flow, energy flow, discharge flow and information flow and provide systematic solutions to its enhancement of operational efficiency.


A systematic concept:accommodating the production procedure's cost, procedure interface's cost and secondary energy recovery to achieve a more competitive product cost to the final resolve

 A full site survey:having the professional consultants stationed at the site of steelworks for developing a full survey for making in-depth understanding of existing equipment level, production status, consumption indices and technical bottleneck, which is a pre-condition for proposing an optimisation service

A combination between technology and data mining:studying production technology by introducing mass production data and their analysis for seeking the most appropriate technical solutions

A combination between technology and economy:synchronising the optimisation proposal and market circumstances for cost-conscious pursuits

A digital display:expressing quantitative results in the potentials for improvement, technical solutions, input and output for facilitating enterprise's decision making

General design and plan for Baosteel Zhanjiang


General design and plan for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel


General design for ASSB of MCKIP in Malaysia

General design for Chongqing Steel environmental-protection650relocation program with an annual production target of 6.50 million tonnes