Distributed Energy

We create city and industry combined cooling, heating and power supply platform with a regional energy valley at its core. The multiple energy utilization facilities are used for maximising energy efficiency. 


Natural gas combined cooling, heating and power supply for Chongqing Liangjiang New Area

An intelligent adaptation among the cooling, heating and power facilities for meeting various requirements

Maximising the energy efficiency by a mix of multi-energy utilisation equipment

The cleanest and most efficient distributed energy station in southwest China




Sichuan Dazou 200MW NG distributed energy project

Introducing the overall optimisation, energy saving and efficiency increase concepts 

Carrying a cyclic economy perspective to study on various energy users' steam balance and low-heat-value gas comprehensive use to work out the total solutions of distributed energy 

Resulted in an energy utilisation ratio beyond 83% and saving standard coal of 366,000 tonnes per year



Distributed energy station for Shanghai New Hongqiao Medical Center

Maximising the energy efficiency by combined facilities for meeting diversified requirements on power, living hot water, heating hot water, air conditioning cold water and emergency power supply at the medical areas

The overall energy utilisation ratio beyond 80%