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Innovation System

A complete scientific and technological innovation eco-chain

A complete eco-chain for scientific and technological innovation has been composed from theoretical study to lab study, pilot base, engineering, and plant application.

A specialised research institute as a legal entity

A specialised research institute has been established as a legal entity. 

The research engineers account for 15% of the engineering staff, including more than 240 full-time and nearly 500 part-time. 

A variety of advanced high-tech research and development platform



National-level research platform and lab center

 National Engineering Research Center of Metallurgical Equipment Integration

  National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Electric Furnace

•  Post-doctoral work station

10+ provincial- and ministerial-level engineering technology research centers

 MCC Research Institute for Beautiful Village and Smart City

 Chongqing Thermal Engineering Energy Conservation and Waste-to-Energy Technology Research Center

 Chongqing Municipal Urban Sewage Treatment Technology Research Center

 MCC Automation Engineering Technology Research Center


         Chongqing Iron & Steel Making Engineering Research Center

         Chongqing Municipal Human Settlement Environmental Engineering Research Center

         Shaanxi Provincial Electric Furnace Engineering Research Center

         Metallurgical Electric Furnace Lab Center for Mechanical Industry

A concerted enterprise-university- research institute platform with Tsinghua University

 singhua University-CISDI Metallurgical Equipment and Green Building Research Institute

 CISDI-University of Science and Technology Beijing Industrial Kiln Energy Conservation Technology/Equipment Development and Application

 CISDI-Chongqing Steel Production and Research League 

10+ technology platforms and labs

 Remote data acquisition and diagnosis platform

 Control system entity and virtual simulation platform

 Nano lab

 Smart manufacture lab

 Automation lab


        Remote standard calculation platform

        Metallurgy lab

        Water treatment lab

        Robot lab

        Solid waste and thermal engineering lab