S&T: CISDI’s latest green technology upgrades three BOFs ─── Wet electrostatic precipitator vital for ultra-low emissions

Date:2020/1/14 Source: CISDI

CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator now features in a number of successful BOF rebuild projects.

At Longsheng Steel in the Shandong Province, CISDI’s applied technology resulted in a successful first hot-commissioning of the plant’s BOF 2.

Immediately after, the same successful result was achieved at BOF 1.

Both rebuilt BOF dedusting systems are operating continuously and stably.

One week later, TISCO’s BOF 3 rebuild was also started up smoothly, thanks to CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator expertise.

The precipitator is used to collect primary dusts from the BOF and is critical for achieving ultra-low emissions.

Working principles of CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator are as follows:

i) Electrostatically absorbs negative charges accumulated in dusts from BOF fumes

ii) An electric field force collects charged dust particles onto the collecting board

iii) Dusts are flushed off from the board into a dust hopper


i) Real-time assessment of gas explosion

ii) Active resistance to combustion hazards

iii) Good flow equalisation

iv) Highly efficient dedusting

v) Safer and more reliable running of equipment



Longsheng Steel’s rebuilt BOF dedusting system, which is running stably with CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator expertise



TISCO’s BOF dedusting rebuild, featuring CISDI’s wet electrostatic precipitator