CISDI gets intelligent rolling at Shaogang

Date:2020/1/10 Source: CISDI

Intelligent rolling with centralised control has now begun at Baowu Group Shaogang.

As EPC contractor, CISDI developed the new Intelligent Centralised Control Center for Rolling at Shaogang. Known as island 7, it was built at the end of last year and is connected into the new CISDigital Integrated Control Centre (ICC) for stockyard, coke oven, sinter plant, blast furnace ironmaking, energy and water. Now with addition of Rolling the centralised big data system allows a complete plant overview in an island-wise configuration.

Island 7 controls three of Shaogang’s bar rolling lines and has 14 centralised duty positions which can control seven rolling lines and their reheating furnaces, plus the finishing areas of the high-speed wire-rod rolling lines.

The functions of the duty positions are optimised by internal re-structuring of a rolling line and by external re-combination among rolling lines.

Operators have become more efficient and no longer have to work in hazardous areas.


i) Flexibly-configured modular duty position

Operators access a console desk for ID identification and are automatically authorised to operate the permitted screens.

Modular duty position management mode breaks through the physical boundaries and creates a flexible configuration. In the future, this will lead to the integration of full-process duty positions from ironmaking to steelmaking, continuous casting and rolling.

ii) Intelligent, real-time monitoring

Conditions and status at conventional rolling mills are closely monitored on screen by multiple operators to ensure any mis-operations or mal-functions are swiftly spotted. It’s a laborious task and is not foolproof.

Shaogang’s AI-based intelligent monitor system is real-time and around-the-clock.

It monitors hot stock material charging to rolling and cooling bed processing. All information from the entire rolling process is collected.

Online analysis and abnormality identification is conducted at a dozen scenes at the three bar rolling lines - at their cobble, flying shear cutting and fan operations - and on video and audio signals at 40 key performance points.

iii) Integrated control

Onsite production data is sourced from widely-spread users and is difficult to use.  But an integrated control system collects all the lines’ data for coordinated, across-the-board management and control - from process monitor to quality tracking and analysis, energy lean management, smart reporting, production and operations.


Shaogang Intelligent Rolling, built by CISDI for remote, centralised control


Map-like, rolling screens enable Shaogang intelligent, real-time monitoring