CISDI plays key role in new international standard for induction diathermy testing

Date:2019/12/16 Source: CISDI

CISDI has played a key role in the development of a newly-released international standard for diathermy expertise and applications.

The drafting of IEC 63078:2019 Electric Heating and Electromagnetic Units –Test Methods for Induction Diathermy Unit was chaired by CISDI.

This new standard specifies complete performance measures for continuous, interrupted and staged induction diathermy units and testing conditions, and procedures and methods for stock materials.

It sets a solid technological basis for:

1) promoting induction diathermy expertise and applications

2) improving product quality and performance

3) ensuring industrial induction diathermy units energy efficiency

The new standard will become part of the technical support for optimising energy availability and advancing energy-efficient construction and sustainable development.

CISDI has now completed 9 IEC standards for electric heating and electromagnetic treatment as a chief editor - one third of the ITC/TC27 standardisation system.

CISDI has revised 12 standards and been involved in nearly 20 for that specific system.